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Serving wine correctly is a sign of elegance and respect for our guests.

For thousands of years, wine has held a prominent place on tables around the world. The drink obtained from the alcoholic fermentation of grape juice has been produced since the time of the ancient Romans, who spread the cultivation of grapevines throughout their empire.

Wine is a symbol of tradition, culture and elegance; and is drunk daily, especially with the main meals. So wine and food are two ways; which go hand in hand and which over time have developed into a unique art.

The role of wine at the table

Wine plays a fundamental role at the table: it serves to emphasize and enhance the flavor of the food; creating a pleasant harmony on the palate.

Precisely for this reason, the right combination must be studied; by deciphering the main notes of the dishes served (sweet, bitter, spicy, hot, sour…) and matching them with the wine with the most compatible characteristics. The moment a bite is swallowed, the taste buds send certain signals to the brain; which wear off over time and make you less appreciative of the taste of the food. This is where the right wine comes in to “cleanse” the mouth and blend perfectly with the flavor of the dish; so that every bite can be enjoyed as if it were the first.

wines and health

When enjoyed in moderation, the health benefits can be manifold. First of all, it has antioxidant properties; which slow down the aging process and have a positive effect on cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It also counteracts osteoporosis in both men and women and helps with rheumatic diseases by reducing inflammation. Also has a preventive effect against cardiovascular diseases; lowers blood pressure and has an antithrombotic and fibrinolytic effect.

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