Virgin olive oil with chili


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chili:

With its unique color and aroma; it is ideal for giving a touch of liveliness and uniqueness to dishes such as appetizers, cooked meats, vegetable or legume soups, pizzas and special bruschettas.

New Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chili 250 ml:

Virgin oil, especially oil that has been surfaced and/or biologically cold pressed, has unique and special properties. It is cloudier and forms a deposit at the bottom over time, also known as residue and olive oil deposit. This is especially the case when it is purchased at the start of production. This deposit, which forms at the bottom of the bottle or can, is made up of vegetable residues from the olives, which do not affect the quality of the oil.

Its nutritional values

Olive residues, like oil, contain antioxidants (polyphenols), substances beneficial to health and also important for preserving the oil itself.

The greater the amount of plant particles, the more antioxidant polyphenols we will have. At the same time, the health benefits are even greater.
In short, this product has more nutritional properties because the sediment continues to release precious antioxidants for a few months.

What to do with deposits

The amount of deposits depends not only on nutritional properties, but also on the year and microclimatic conditions. The heavier the rainfall during harvest, the greater the risk of creating a larger residue. At the same time, excessive drought can exacerbate this natural phenomenon. As always in organic farming, nature is the master and the climate has a major impact on the oil refining process, just like any other product.


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