Pecorino Romano cream and black truffle


A cream based on Pecorino Romano DOP and Black Truffle, which with its strong flavor enhances any dish. In the new design gift box decorated with silver plated details to add a touch of extreme elegance to your line.

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Ingredients: fresh cream / Pecorino Romano DOP 25% (sheep’s milk, salt, lamb rennet, milk enzymes) / milk / butter / corn starch / nutmeg truffle 1.5% (Tuber magnatum Pico) / black truffle 0.1% (Tuber melanosporum Vittad)/ Sunflower Lecithin/ Salt/ Natural Flavor/ Aroma.

May contain traces or spores of the genus Tuber spp. contain.

Allergens: milk and dairy products.

Nutritional Information (100g):

Nutritional information (100 g)Energy value Kj 1075 / Kcal 257
fats 24.5 g
– of which 8 g saturated
carbohydrates 3 g
– of which sugar 0.7 g
egg white 6g
dietary fiber 0.1 g
Salt 1.1g

Use: Perfect for creaming risottos or as a base for meat dishes. Around 45g per person is recommended.

Storage method: Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture, light and heat.

Size : 90g


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