Modica Chocolate with Bronte DOP Green Pistachios


Format: 50 gr.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar, Bronte GU green pistachios (10%). Cocoa 60% minimum.

Use: Enjoy alone or with an excellent hot chocolate. The incomparable taste of black, fragrant Modican tea is obtained by dissolving a square of the bar in a cup of boiling water or in a cup of hot milk. Heat on stovetop, stirring constantly, until mixture is completely melted.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from heat and sunlight.

CERTIFIED PRODUCT “Pistacchio Verde di Bronte DOP” (Green Pistachios from Bronte PDO)


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Pistachio chocolate from Modica made with pure bitter cocoa mass, high-quality cane sugar and PDO Bronte pistachios, smoothed by a long beating and characterized by a sophisticated contrast between the intensity and the scent of the cocoa beans and the sugar crystals, with the addition of the best PDO Bronte pistachios .

Pistacchio Verde di Bronte is a product with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO); approved in 2009 and made in Sicily, in the municipality of Bronte.

It is a product with a unique and special taste, so it is also called “green gold”.

Modica chocolate is a very special type of chocolate, typical of the city of Modica.

Unlike normal chocolate, Modica chocolate with green pistachios from Bronte DOP is grainy and crumbly, with grooves on the surface, of a dark black color, sometimes opaque, and with brown reflections. Modica chocolate is recognized as a traditional agricultural foodstuff and has also been PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) certified since 2018. Indeed, integrity and typicality must be defended when a product, as in this case, is still prepared according to an 18th-century recipe, which has since been enriched and modified by the artisans of his native city.


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