chili paste

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Recommended on delicious rustic appetizers, to accompany red sauces of meat and fish dishes or as a condiment in sandwiches.


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Chili paste is a typical recipe from Calabria and Sicily, regions where chili peppers are the masters of spices. The chili cream is made with red and hot chillies, which give the sauce its typical fiery red color and particularly intense aroma.

This cream is ideal as an accompaniment to appetizers, to fill canapés or croutons or to flavor sauces and first courses. One spoon is enough to bring flavor and liveliness to your table!

More about chili paste

Their fruits turn from green to yellow before turning bright red at the time of our harvest.

Our chili is particularly spicy and is used to refine many international and Italian dishes, of course for dishes with a strong taste.

Contains many vitamins, mineral salts and calcium and is not only one of the tastiest and most versatile spices, but also has many special positive properties: It has an antioxidant and antibacterial effect and improves blood circulation.



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