artichoke paste

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Cream with a dense and typically grainy consistency.

Fine taste of artichoke, without being overloaded with acetic acids.

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Artichoke paste is a very simple preparation that can enrich many dishes in the kitchen!

Use the artichoke paste to refine a sandwich or flavor crostoni for your aperitif; but it is also excellent for enhancing a first dish or a savory pie! The paste has a unique taste and creaminess that will impress all your guests!

More about artichoke paste

The artichoke is a Mediterranean vegetable that has been known since ancient times. It is only grown in a few Mediterranean countries, including Italy, the largest producer. It comes from a herbaceous plant planted in June and harvested from December to May.

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Artichokes 220 gr., Chili 220 gr., Black olives 220 gr.


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