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BIO Spelt Spaghetti


Size: 500g

Ingredients: organic spelled flour (Triticum dicoccum), water.

Nutritional information per 100 g : energy 1491 kJ / 352 kcal/fat 2 g, of which saturates 0.3 g, of which trans fat 0 g/carbohydrates 69 g, of which sugars 2 g/ dietary fiber 5 g/ protein 12 g/ salt 0.005 g

Cooking time: 10 minutes.


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Excellent organic spelled spaghetti made from high-quality Italian spelled wheat. They are made by the Felicetti family, who have over 100 years of experience in pasta production.

These spelled spaghetti are drawn from bronze and slowly dried at low temperatures to preserve their flavor and nutritional value.

This delicious pasta made from alternative grains is suitable for those who find modern wheat varieties less digestible.

The most classic of all pasta shapes is given a new quality by the special texture of spelled, which combines energy and elasticity: they can be boiled or fried in the traditional way, enhancing their rustic flavor and delicious taste even more.





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