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Pachino tomato sauce IGP

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The sauce is prepared from Pachino tomatoes by slow cooking.

Can be used in a variety of ways in Italian cuisine, with pasta dishes, on pizza dough and with meat and fish dishes.



The Pachino tomato sauce IGP Campisi is prepared with fresh, ripe cherry tomato puree according to a Sicilian recipe.

A unique condiment in its simplicity and practical because it is ready to use. The Pachino tomato sauce can be used as a base for meat or fish sauces or alone with fresh pasta. The Pomodoro di Pachino is known for its distinctive “cherry red” appearance on a herringbone pattern. The intense color, the crunchiness and the shiny skin make it a unique product, different from the mass products. It contains large amounts of antioxidant substances and vitamin C. The taste and aroma of the meat, as well as its texture, are certainly the most important characteristics that have led to its success.

There isn’t just one single variety of tomato; a true Italian specialty: numerous varieties are grown in our land, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities. Here are the most famous and appreciated tomato varieties; those of the many small craft workshops; who still work according to the old tradition with high-quality material and without the use of pesticides or chemical preservatives, are selected for the preparation of tasty sauces.

cherry tomato

The cherry tomato, also called cherry tomato; is one of the best known and most popular tomatoes. In the most common variety, the fruits are small, red and round, while in the black cherry tomato they are darker in colour.

There is also the yellow cherry tomato with its golden-yellow fruits.

Datterino tomato

The Datterino tomato is characterized by its oval shape. It has a thin skin, few pips and a firm flesh with a very sweet and intense flavor. It is a hybrid from Asia and the fruits grow in clusters in the shape of a fishbone.

Pachino IGP tomatoes

The Pachino tomato PGI is a Sicilian excellence. The king of the Mediterranean diet is grown in Sicily, in the extreme south, east of the island.

Bright red, fleshy, persistent, an excellent accompaniment on our tables, the Pachino tomato is the red gold of Sicily. The city that gave its name to the tomato is Pachino; a land eternally kissed by the sun, brackish; which, together with the quality of the water, makes the tomato a real pioneer of Mediterranean cuisine.

History of Pachino Tomato Sauce IGP

The protagonist of Italian cuisine and wine is an attractive, tasty, sweet, fragrant, firm and resistant tomato. All properties; who inherited the Pachino tomato from its area of origin and who have earned it the coveted PGI mark. Today, the Pachino tomato is supported by a protection consortium; that follows a precise and rigorous specification to guarantee its authenticity.

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