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Mix citrus fruits

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The Sicilian citrus blend contains :

  • Oranges from Ribera PDO
  • Blood oranges from Sicily-Etna PDO
  • Sicilian lemons


They are:

  • Freshly harvested
  • Rich in valuable vitamins C
  • No preservatives
  • Best quality
  • Shelf life at least 2-3 weeks
  • Very juicy
  • often seedless

Our citrus fruits are not treated with packaging chemicals such as wax or anti-rot agents to ensure the highest quality.

Delivery times 24-48 hours!

The products are PDO ( of protected origin – PDO)


Sicilian citrus fruits strengthen the immune system as they are rich in vitamin C, are a valuable natural antianemic and disinfectant, promote iron absorption and slow down cellular aging.

The weight of each citrus fruit varies from 100 gr to 250 gr.


*Weight including packing (+/- 0.3 Kg packing)

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