Citrus from Sicily

Italienische Feinkost

Preserves from Sicily by Sapore Italia

They owe their full and tasty taste to a slow and rigorous production process that respects the environment and the fertility of the soil. The use of natural substances and processes as well as the strict production conditions make organic production more and more of a task.

The increasing focus on sustainability and the need for a more conscious lifestyle have increased consumer interest in the organic sector. Organic products are chosen because they are healthy, tasty and made with environmentally friendly methods, but there is still a lack of knowledge about this sector.

Organic farming uses natural processes that avoid over-exploitation of resources, resulting in a limited environmental impact. A method that requires the observance of precise systems, regular controls and rules that, for those who consider organic farming as a profession, can be summed up in one word: balance. Observing nature, knowing it, preventing and acting when necessary, a game of experience and respect.

The benefits of organic farming

In addition to improving soil fertility, using natural resources responsibly and preserving biodiversity, organic farming leads to healthy, high-quality products. Our Sicilian jams are the result of this balance with nature and the skill and care that goes into every phase of production. All the ingredients used, from the fruit to the sugar, are organic and made on site. Production is slow, depends on the natural ripening time of the fruit and is therefore limited to the winter months. A trick that, combined with the artisan processing in small quantities and the precious family recipes, gives the jams a full and unique taste.

Why buy organic

Organic farming has many benefits, from preserving the natural fertility of the soil, to the health of the food, free from pollutants, to the purity of the flavors, unaltered by additives. It is a conscious and generous choice that protects the earth and thinks of future generations. For Sapore Italia, this is a real task, but above all a challenge that requires time and long-term investments. “When you buy organic, you support organic farming, you support companies that work in an environmentally friendly way and you buy products without harmful additives. It’s a healthy choice for the planet, for us and for everyone who works in this sector.”

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