Extra virgin organic olive oil

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Difference between organic and non-organic oil

First of all, organic extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil are the same thing. Bio is simply a diminutive used for convenience. As the name suggests, organic oil is obtained from organically grown olives.

What is organic farming?

It is a type of farming that takes advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer:

  • the natural fertility of the soil
  • the changing of the seasons
  • the ecosystem that forms around the trees (insects….)

Organic oil is therefore an oil that respects the environment but also the consumer. It contains no chemical components, so nothing synthetic.

As for the production, what is organic extra virgin olive oil? How is the organic certification done?

To be certified organic, oils must only be made under mechanical pressure, either cold or hot. For example, there is no way that an oil obtained using solvents could be organic. In order to obtain organic certification, one must comply with EU regulations. The company is subject to a series of inspections by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food at regular intervals.

So is an organic extra virgin olive oil always better than a non-organic one?

The question is quite delicate and not easy to answer. If by “better” you mean the absence of any chemical constituents, the answer is yes, organic oil is better. However, keep in mind that there are many factors that make one oil “good” or “better” than another: acidity, density, the presence of polyphenols… it may happen that you come across an excellent non-organic extra virgin olive oil that is qualitatively better than one with organic certification.

Organic extra virgin olive oil: crazy prices?

Indeed, a good product – like an organic olive oil – needs constant attention and the raw material like the olives – from which the table spice is obtained – has to be treated immaculately and without chemical products. Anyone looking for an organic extra virgin olive oil must be prepared to pay prices that one would not pay for a simple supermarket evo-oil, perhaps packaged in a plastic bottle and not carefully protected from light.

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