We founded Sapore Italia with the aim of providing high quality To manufacture products that do not have to compromise, but whose sole interest is excellent taste and to provide a correct nutrient intake, starting from excellent and vital raw materials that are processed with care and delicacy in order to preserve taste and nutritional properties. Especially we have defined the criteria for achieving the best quality:

– Respect for tradition

– Low temperatures to avoid stressing the products

– Respect for the environment

– Quality without compromise

The authenticity of our products is 0 km. Yes, because our partners use it only  Products from the Italian territory selected by come from local farms and are made in a traditional way, thinking only about natural ingredients, artificial colors and additives rule out and always look for higher quality ingredients. Respect for the environment : Apply the same approach and care we in our warehouses, paying special attention to the Put sustainability: All packaging is biocompostable and plastic free. Our ultimate goal is to be in tune with the environment that surrounds us To be consistent and pay close attention to our sustainability policy  to devote.

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