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Italy, the most beautiful country in the world!

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world; the country is rich in cultural treasures, colours, traditions, fashion and gastronomic specialities.

Italian cuisine is known for the use of olive oil (Italy has the best internationally certified olive oil), the variety of wines (Italy has the largest wine production in the world) and sweets, which can be eaten at breakfast, with afternoon coffee or even as dessert. 

A classic example of Italian cuisine is the so-called Dieta Mediterranea (Mediterranean cuisine), which was inscribed on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2013.

A characteristic of Italian cuisine is its simplicity. Many dishes are the combination of different high quality ingredients. At Sapore Italia we want to bring this quality into your home. 

Sapore Italia pays particular attention to raw materials from Mediterranean cultivation and the use of modern, environmentally sustainable agricultural practices. Every day we happily select masterpieces of taste that combine the aroma of goodness and home-made.

Products of first-class quality result from the passion for agriculture. To enjoy the specialties of Italian cuisine as they are right after harvesting, glass packaging guarantees taste and unaltered nutritional values.

our philosophy

Sapore Italia wants to devote itself to these specialties: the regional diversity that we want to make known and spread – with all facets and nuances.

our mission

Abroad, new interpretations and changes in Italian cuisine have led to the original Italian cuisine often being lost. This is mainly due to the use of poor quality ingredients. Enthusiastic holidaymakers in Italy are looking in vain for the quality and taste that they have come to know at their holiday destination.

After careful selection, we were able to bring the best products to Germany; Products whose ingredients come 100% from Italy and whose production process has been kept short. In this way, the goods end up directly with the consumer without many intermediate stations.

We also strive to reduce plastic and therefore only use packaging made of recyclable material.

What you will find with us

Here you will find a selection of niche products and delicacies with tips, recipes and ideas on how to surprise your guests. We also tell you something about each product. Because every product and every manufacturer has its own story. We want to tell you a little about it so that your purchase becomes a special experience.

With our products you bring the scent and the real Italian colors to your table!

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