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Limoncello der Italienische Likör

Limoncello – the Italian lemon liqueur

Limoncello is a liqueur flavored with lemon peel, which is one of the assets of the Italian enogastronomy.

The traditional Limoncello is made from the fragrant lemons of the Amalfi Coast, the Sorrento Peninsula, the island of Capri and Cilento, according to precise rules that define the origin and production methods. Coastal lemon groves benefit from the combination of a mild microclimate and clayey soil that produces lemons with unique organoleptic characteristics. In other coastal areas of the south, the production of different varieties of limoncello is widespread, which do not meet the specifications of Amalfi and Sorrento (and therefore cannot bear the IGP Protected Geographical Indication). PGI Limoncello must be made exclusively from local lemons (PGI lemon from Sorrento and PGI lemon from Amalfi, whose peel is rich in natural essential oils) and must have an alcoholic strength by volume of at least 30% for Limoncello from the Sorrento Peninsula and at least 25% for Limoncello from the Amalfi Coast. The sugar concentration must not be less than 200 grams per liter and not more than 350 grams per liter.

Why is it called limoncello?

It is believed that the word limoncello was used as a nickname for a smaller variety of lemon than the much larger lemon of the Amalfi Coast, according to written evidence from the 15th century, and later expanded to include liqueur. Around 1600, the term “limoncello” became an official term, literally meaning “liqueur flavored with lemon peel”.

Sicilian Limoncello: a much appreciated variant

Speaking of products: A much appreciated variant of limoncello is the one made from Sicilian lemons

Sicily is not the birthplace of limoncello, but due to the abundance and quality of its lemons, over the years it has become one of the best producers of limoncello.

Limoncello Siciliano is a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) product. The Protected Geographical Indication is reserved for the Femminello variety of lemons, which are harvested by hand to preserve the very delicate peel. The lemons, characterized by their high juice content and the excellent quality of their essential oils, have a distinctive fragrance and a strong, intense flavor.

For a typical Sicilian dinner, we recommend enjoying Limoncello well chilled alongside a good chocolate from Modica ., or as an ingredient in your sweet recipes!

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